Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Emerald City Comicon Photo Review

Here are some pics from the 8th annual Emerald City Comicon here in Seattle...
Thanks to everyone who came by to visit Augie and I...Special thanks to everyone who went home with a souvenir...and EXTRA SPECIAL THANKS to my friend Augie Pagan for sharing!

There were a lot of pictures taken, but... I just don't have the patience to post 'em all (and you probably wouldn't have the patience to look through 'em all anyway...).
Most of these are pics of fanatical costumed attendees, some are fellow artists..and the others are pics I took of sketch commissions I did at the Con.

Now...I'll shut up and you can just look at THE PICTURES...

Monday, March 8, 2010


It's Back! This weekend, March 13th and 14th (Sat. and Sun.)...The Emerald City's own gathering of fan-boys (and girls...), B-list Celebrities, and costume-clad crazies! (...and thanks to my generous friend Augie Pagan, I'll be there again this year too!)
Augie and I will be sharing a table in the Artist's Alley (C-12), so stop by and see us (and buy some souvenirs...).
We'll have some original art, prints, and be sketching, on the spot.
Come on down and slap high fives with a stormtrooper!

...And, don't forget to join us at FlatColor gallery Saturday night (March 13th) from 6 - 10pm, for the Artists Reception of the "Sidekicks and Henchmen" group art show (featuring several artists from the comic con.) that is running in conjunction with Augie's exhibition with Dave MacDowell in the main showroom.