Monday, July 18, 2011

August Happenings (UPDATED)

So...the show originally scheduled for the first Thursday of August, at X-17 studio/gallery in Pioneer Square's 619 Western building, will NOT be happening, after all... I just got the word that the dreaded fate of the 619 building is coming to pass. No more first Thursdays at 619. The end of an era, and the displacement of a bunch of talented artists.
The group showcase featuring J.P. Farquar, and me...Ego, will now be taking place in September at the new TRUE LOVE gallery, in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood.
I'll be posting more info soon...

The second week of August, I will be presenting a group showcase of some talented friends of mine at Twilight Artists Collective, in West Seattle.
The show will be the gallery premiere of the works of Tammy Perry, alongside the beautiful handiwork of Aya Sato, and Levi Walker Polzin.