Sunday, February 27, 2011

Leaving on a jet plane...

This Thursday, March 3rd I will be on a plane, headed to the U.K. for my art exhibition at WEEKEND GALLERY in Hastings.

This will be my first showing outside of the U.S. and... so far, I feel very welcome. There was a flattering article, by Richard Morris, featured in the Hastings Observer... and, one of the pieces from the show has already sold, a week before the show even opens.

If you're going to be in the neighborhood, I would love to see you at the opening.


March 5th - April 3rd 2011


86 High Street

Hastings, UK TN34 3ES
...Sorry if my previous post about this show being in February was confusing to anyone...the details changed a couple of months ago, and I neglected to update the ol' blog...
and, last...but, certainly not least...
T H A N K Y O U ! ! ! to everyone who donated their hard-earned dollar$ to help get me across the pond for this show. If you haven't gotten your print yet, I promise I haven't forgotten you...
(To say "I've been busy lately" would be an epic understatement.)

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