Thursday, January 27, 2011

Just passing the time...

I don't really have much time on my hands right now, getting ready for upcoming shows and all... but, I stumbled across this on the old interwebs, and thought I'd share.

So it appears that an artist called Barth borrowed an idea from me... which is no big deal, it happens all the time...but, damn...he could have at least tipped his hat to me a little on his blog by mentioning my name. Oh well, C'est la vie. Here's a little side by side comparison. (His is the cooler looking one, on the left... note: mine was done many years ago, and I have learned a lot since then...)

Oh... I'd also say it would be nice if he mentioned Ashley Wood, and Jim Mahfood too... since it looks like he was more than a little inspired by their work, also.

OK. I'm done now... back to work!


barth said...

Sorry mate, but I swear I never saw your drawing before. I admit the idea is strangely similar but it's just pure coincidence so please do not lecture me.
Also Jim is a good friend of mine, I did murals with him.
And I previously mentioned on my blog my inspiration from Wood stuffs.

Having my blog for over 5 years I've been the victim of people stealing or copying my work without mentionning it, so believe me I know it's a very unpleasant felling, but you should have asked me before doing this public accusation. I'm truly offended you thought I'd do that.

I'd appreciate you take off that note.



barth said...

also, just went through the archives of your blog... where exactly am I supposed to have seen your picture ? I can't even find it...